Huge worlds
in small sizes
Professional model maker, creative by nature. Danielle Versé has the ability to make up entirely new universes as well as to bring life to forbidden worlds. Through her modeling skills "La Gabel" takes us on a journey to experience the impossible..
Danielle Versé, born in Brussels, Belgium
Artist/ miniature maker

Danielle has travelled, lived and worked on three continents, loving the challenge to adapt to many different lands, cultures and languages.

She has worked in Hollywood, California and North Carolina, USA; in Caracas, Venezuela; in Mexico City, Mexico and in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina.

During her 30 years of building models, foreground and background miniatures, replicas, sets, special effects props, costumes, presentation models, artificial rocks, gardens and balconies for puppets, Danielle has been creating zillions of miniature worlds for architectural projects, movies, TV shows, video clips, commercials, theater plays, puppet shows, exhibits, museums, amusement parks and zoos.
Parallelly, all throughout her career, Danielle has passed on her passion and experience to young people through workshops and specialized courses.

Danielle was granted an Emmy Award for her contribution to the American TV Series "Cosmos" (Hollywood 1981), and the Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano for the Argentinian TV Puppet Show "El Pequeño Bosque Ilustrado" (Buenos Aires, 2008)

In 2010 she opened a new modelshop "Taller La Gabel" in Buenos Aires where she is offering classes and seminars.

She is presently working on her own miniature world "Gabelandia".

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